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oktober 21, 2011 / bascordewener

Cloud discussion Educause, NABUCO and Attendees

Clearing the Clouds or Clouding Over, by Roger Bruszewski and Joanne Kossuth (20-10-2011)

This session addressed issues related to Cloud policies and decision-making. Here are some of the comments made I think are relevant for the Netherlands as well:

  • Microsoft contracts do not offer customers any influence on the services offered
  • Vendors offer different contracts with different pricing to different institutions (remember publishers?)
  • Institutions that in the current in-sourced situation do not have quality level statements are not capable of negotiating SLA’s with cloud service providers
  • Regulations that differ per country, district, state, cause a lot of new, not yet solved, problems
  • Institutional uptake of cloud lags behind, individuals are much easier taking up cloud servics like Google mail or Dropbox
  • Relevance/position of central IT is at stake – groups within institutions may use cloud services that are not supported by centra IT
  • Internet2 is working hard on cloud issues, such as how to share capacity/bandwidth (given that if all eligible users will address the cloud at the same time, the system collapses)
  • Some cloud services do not need much attention, others require to be securely managed: management costs should be part of the business model
  • Legal issues, such as IPR, but also chain resposibility are not solved

Some are known, some are obvious but on the whole: good food for thought, I think.

Bas Cordewener


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